Evangelisches Bildungswerk München e.V.

Let‘s Talk about ... - ab 10.10.2017

This workshop is for anyone who wants to practice and improve their spoken English. In each session we will discuss a different topic that is relevant for contemporary faith and values. A short text about the theme and a vocabulary list will be provided, and the conversation will be moderated by native English speakers.

All perspectives and all English skill levels are welcome!

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Leitung Karin Wolf, Dipl.-Soz.päd. (FH), Pädagogin M.A., ebw
Referent James Hamrick, Doktorand Kulturwissenschaften, LMU
Kosten € 30,- (für alle vier Termine)
Ort ebw, Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 24/III
Anmeldung bitte schriftlich bis 2 Wochen vor Beginn beim ebw


Zeit 4mal Di 10.10.2017, 14.112017., 12.12.2017, 16.01.2018, jeweils 18.00 – 19.30 Uhr

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